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Castleton Silver Band

The Training Band is led by Cath Batley, John Whitfield and many helpers on Monday evening from 6.30 at Hope Sports Club.  Their lively and charismatic personalities ensure that practices are informative, productive and fun, especially important for engaging the interest of our younger members.


No experience necessary just come along and have a go.  All welcome both young and old.


There are many benefits associated with learning to play an instrument, developing team skills, confidence, concentration and the community of the band encourages new friendships.

Training Band


Castleton Silver Band is well known in the Valley, playing at the Castleton Garland, for Wakes and Wells festivals and many Christmas Carols.  There is a large and growing training band - the largest in the area.  People of all ages (8-80 with their own front teeth) who want to learn an instrument can join us.  We provide them with an instrument on loan and lessons to get them started.  After a lesson or two they are able to join playing a range of pieces with the band:  Handel, Happy Birthday, Abba, Robbie Williams.

There are now over 25 members many in their first year playing brass.

Can you help us?  We need:


                  *   Brass instruments and mouthpieces.  Have you any brass instruments that you would be

                                                                                                      willing to give or loan to the band?  We will insure them.


                  *   Mouthpieces.  Even if you have no instrument, you may have a spare mouthpiece at home.


                  *   Helpers.  Are you a musician who can read basic music?  Join the rota to be a "pointer" to help

                           individual new players keep up with the music when playing with the band.  Cont'd  on Training page.